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शान्ति र बिकासको लागि नेपाली युवा र खेल्कुद

Our Mission are to eradicate poverty and combat diseases, provide primary education, promote gender equality, women empowerment, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, ensure environmental sustainability &
to develop a global partnership for development of sports through Sports.

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Nepalese Sports Youth for Development and Peace (NSYDP) was established on 22nd May 2017 with the motive to lead, coordinate and accelerate the youth's efforts on National sports system. Promote coordination, communication, better understanding and support among Member organization, other factors and actors for sport as a tool to attain humanitarian, development and peace-building objectives.
Our major focus is placed on sport’s contribution for poverty reduction, universal education, gender equality, preventing diseases, environmental sustainability, physical disabilities as well as peace promotion and conflict resolution. Encourage collaboration and partnerships around Sport for Development and Peace between the Member organization, States, national sports organizations, civil society, the private sector, academia, media and the International sports organization in long term.

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